Interview D.V. Manturov: We know how to build vessels, we understand how to do it

The sanctions imposed by the USA and other developed countries have confronted Russia with the fact that the critical areas of the economy, such as the oil and gas industry, require complete self-sufficiency and independence. The total amount of the government support in solution of the Russian oil-and-gas machine building development tasks until 2024 will be more than 30 billion rubles. As a result, Russia shall develop its own technologies for offshore


A. NOVAK. Russia’s Coal Industry: a History for All Ages to Come

The coal industry, like the other sectors of the energy economy, is facing an economic impact of a global coronavirus pandemic. By comparison with the end of 2019 when the coal production in Russia reached record levels and exceeded 440 million tons, since the beginning of 2020 we have seen a decline of the key performance indicators. In these conditions,


Prospects for the oil and gas complex in the East of Russia

The article deals with the formation of the oil and gas industry in the east of Russia in the framework of the development of energy cooperation with the countries of East Asia. The role of East Asia in the world and the main factors that will determine the most important areas of energy cooperation in this region are shown. It was concluded that after the restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the economic downturn, the main countries of the region will continue to increase demand for energy. In these conditions, the volume of export of hydrocarbons from Russia will be limited by the possibility of their production and transport in our country.


The Perfect Storm

We can already say that 2020 will go down in the history of oil industry alongside the crisis years of 1973 and



P. Sorokin. The Gas Dilemma: Europe Chooses the Pipe

Over the past decade, the global energy market has undergone dramatic changes. First of all, it ceased to be exclusively petroleum-­based – extensive trade in liquefied natural gas (LNG) started, whose production, and most importantly – trading, has significantly expanded. Today, LNG turnover has exceeded 300 mln tons per year.


A. Panina. Creating harmonized strategic documents across CIS power industries is the key to successful joint development

Traditionally, for many years now, planning has played an important role in the development of various economic sectors. Planning is broadly understood to mean the process of analyzing, setting goals and determining substantiated models for their achievement. Against the backdrop of growing power consumption, developing a long-term energy strategy that charts a course for the future development of individual power companies, the entire sector – or even the state as


Digitalization in electric power: where should the industry arrive?

One of the key topics in recent years in the fuel-and-energy complex, including the electric-power industry, has been the industry’s digitalization. Companies are implementing the first pilot projects, trying to optimize their usual way of doing business. At the same time, the objective of the Russian Ministry of Energy is to create favorable conditions for the application of new technologies, to give the industry impetus for the introduction of digital


V. Parhomenko Problems of forecasting and climate change

Global climate modelling, climate warming, forecasting. act. The article discusses the problems of climate change over the past decades. It gives some projections of climate change. The study is based on a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the global climate. The article presents calculations of climate prediction up to 2100 using СО2 growth scenarios. The important consequences of global warming for Russia are being discussed.



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